Certon systems GmbH

With a focus on IT hardware, the company develops and distributes special mass storage solutions for small enterprises and self-employed experts in specific areas, e.g. photography. The so-called RAID systems are optimally tailored to the needs of the customers and stand out due to maximum failure safety, easy operation and speed far above average.


Medicyte GmbH

Medicyte GmbH in Heidelberg is a biotech company with a focus on the controlled and scalable production of human primary cells. Medicyte’s vision is to establish its patented technologies as gold standard and preferred source for human-cell-based products for research as well as industrial and therapeutic applications. The company has developed its cell proliferation technologies up to the proof-of-principle and is now focusing on their continued commercialization.


Bionic Composites AG

Bionic Composites holds the worldwide basic patent for a fiber-glass rooting technology that has already been applied by Hydroflex Technologies GmbH. Thanks to the technological properties (stability, flexibility and low weight), there are many potential areas of application, e.g. wind power, aircraft construction, shipbuilding and the automotive as well as armaments industries. The worldwide demand for low-weight and stable materials, which has not been met sufficiently for many years now, offers a large growth potential.


Hydroflex Technology AG

Hydroflex Technologies owns exclusive licenses for bionic composites – patents in the leisure industry – and focuses on the production of surfboards, kiteboards, skateboards and wakeboards. The boards’ bionic construction is very successful because it combines excellent stability and flexibility at a low weight. All this gives the products a sustainably longer service life.



Otologics LLC

With its seat in Boulder (CO/USA), Otologics LLC developed the worldwide first fully implantable hearing device, which stands out due to its extreme user-friendliness. Thanks to the full implant, everyday activities, such as taking a shower, swimming and high-performance sports, no longer constitute a problem for the user. In Germany, this operation is offered at twelve locations and is also becoming increasingly popular among universities as well as private hospitals all over Europe.