GeschäftsleitungManagement Board

Management Board

”Supporting visionary and innovative ideas is my very personal concern and, at the same time, a decisive criterion for the sustainable design of Germany as a business location. Our house has a long tradition in driving innovation“.

Karl Friedrich, The Prince of Hohenzollern is the sole partner and Chairman of the Advisory Board of PvH Capital. With his visions and strategies, he is the intellectual father of PvH Capital’s innovation promotion concept.

Karl Friedrich, The Prince of Hohenzollern

“With respect to the operating implementation of our visions, we, in cooperation with an excellent network of partners, offer founders the opportunity to profit from our experience and realize their ideas together with us on the basis of an always fair and cooperating partnership.”

Andreas Schuster, holder of a diploma in business studies, studied at the European Business School (EBS) in Oestrich-Winkel and, in his capacity as Managing Director of PvH Capital, has taken over the responsibility for the operating business.

Andreas Schuster, Managing Director